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Many medical practices decide not to participate in the evaluation and treatment of patients who have had automobile accidents. Washington Medical is a health care facility with over forty years of experience in treating these types of injuries.

We provide on-site physical therapy administered by a licensed physical therapist. Should the injury warrant EMG testing, we provide on site EMG testing performed by a Board Certified physician.

When necessary to treat the injury we will seek precertification and approval for more specialized diagnostic testing such as CAT Scans or MRIs. We will make all necessary referrals to orthopedics, orthopedic spine specialist, neurosurgeons, and or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. Our physicians will continue to monitor your patient’s clinical needs, review their consultation reports with them in detail and also their MRI findings and the results of diagnostic testing.

If you decide not to treat these patients, please consider referral to our facility. Washington Medical will manage these cases and preserve the existing doctor-patient relationship in a professional manner. We value that relationship, and welcome the opportunity to participate in the “injury” portion of your patients’ overall healthcare experience. At the end of treatment we will supply your office with a comprehensive evaluation, copies of any and all diagnostic testing, and any other specialty reports that were performed.

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